2 February 2010

This is Sage.
He was born peacefully at home on Wednesday January 27th.
2 weeks and 3 days after his 'due' date, 8lb 11oz. He is perfect and we all adore him.
On another note I'm going to be closing off this blog. I am doing a 365 photo project on facebook along with my sisters and am really enjoying that as well as the relative safety/privacy of Facebook.
Blogging had begun to feel like a chore, one more thing on my list and with Sages birth comes a re focusing of priorities and of course that is always time spent with my children
peace out :)

8 January 2010

Born into handmade heaven

Still here with a baby safely in my belly, not even really waiting, just getting on with living. A blessing of having a baby at this time of year is that there is so much other stuff happening the days seem to fly by!
There is of course lots of talking and planning being done

The boys love using these wooden figures to talk about how our family is going to grow. Kaya especially is so matter of fact about it all, talking to him you would think this baby has always been part of our family. Arlo, well obviously hes not really sure what its all about and thinks he has a baby in his belly too.
Ive been making a few things for our little person, we have so much already but I do like them each to have some things that are just specially for them.
These little booties are so cute I had to make some, the grey are cashmere and the pink are the softest organic plant dyed wool you ever touch, pink just in case. (if they arent needed here I have no doubt I will be able to find them a home elsewhere!)
A tiny tiny cabled just been born hat. I doubt this will fit more than a few days but fun to make all the same some Rachel Denbow 'burp cloths' from old pillow cases and nappies ... In this house they will no doubt be milk catchers for me ;)
and some lovely gifts have already been bestowed upon us, beautiful art..
which is hanging in our bedroom, because we dont have a typical baby room or space its really nice to have a few things to 'decorate' with
The cutest hat for winter
and special blankets. My sister made this especially for our baby and when its born we might just let you in on a little extra secret related to it
I am still making a few things and of course my list of things i'd like to make is still very long. perhaps Ive gotten too used to having a bit of an extra wait for my babies to come and am aiming too high... but until the day Im going to keep knitting and sewing!

31 December 2009

Today my Kaya, our first baby, our indigo child is 5.
There is no one like Kaya. he is an individual in the truest sense of the word. He has taught me more about love, patience, acceptance, humour and will than anyone I have or will ever meet. He makes me a better mother and person daily. He is a gift and we adore him more than he will ever know.
He has another year at kindy, being at a Steiner school, which is perfect for our boy. This morning we gave him a brand new bike. He was so overcome he came and clutched my neck for a good few minutes while sneaking glances at it. There is great joy in having a child who has no expectations. It had never crossed his mind that he might need a new bike, while his knees hit the handle bars of the little hand me down he has been riding for over a year. He would have been happy with the tshirt and modelling beeswax he also got.
We love you Kaya Thomas, so so so much. Happy Birthday sweet boy, even Mama couldnt stop you turning 5! (HAHA!)
Happy New Year everyone, many blessings to you!

8 December 2009

right now, today, exactly

(taken 5 min ago on my lap, curled around his newest sibling)
today is this little boys half birthday. 2 and a half. I cant believe it. He is such a beautiful person. He is polite and charming, gentle and kind. He has a gift of being able to pick the person in the room who might be feeling a little uncomfortable or low and lifting them up a little. It might be through extra attention, a little smile, a cuddle. oh hes magic. and so funny.
He still has a sleep most days and sleeps in our family bed, even after an attempt to move both boys to their room. He greets the people he loves in the most enthusiastic way. He is starting to want to be just the same as his brother. He loves lawn mowers (lawnlawnlawn) and golf. He is so good at sports (lucky Jimmy is their father!) and loves to draw. He has a sweet tooth and can usually get whatever he wants from his Da.
Arlo brings something so special to our family and we are very very grateful to have him.
We love you bubbading.

7 December 2009


There are alot of reasons for my latest absence,

There are the 2 amazing boys I spend each day with

The editing of SO MANY photos that leaves me tired of sitting at the computer

The Christmas crafting (which is really fun!)

The little person who will be joining us oh so soon has me not so comfortable and questioning my on line presence. I go through stages of wanting to protect my family's privacy so will remove a few facebook 'friends' who I never hear from, let my blogging go for a while but I find myself missing the journal side of blogging, I started when Kaya was 6 months old and LOVE reading back over my old posts.... so here I am again, we shall see what happens from here ;)

While on my break we celebrated Advent at our schools annual fair the doll from a few posts down found a new home and Kaya was thrill to find these socks we chose for our baby at the craft stall 'are just the same as the ones in our book', our book being our favourite story of the moment, a gorgeous home birth story that I catch my boys sneaking peaks of, especially the birth pages.

This week of advent we are adding plants to our nature table and the boys have been peeling a walnut off each morning in their countdown.

so a happy advent to you all, Id love to hear how you celebrate

16 November 2009


The story begins last Friday when I took Arlo to the library. I told him he was allowed to choose 1 children's dvd. he made his choice then followed me to the adult section. While I was choosing my books he chatted away about his dvd excitedly. Next we went to the adult dvd section, Jimmy and I have been watching movies some evenings because theres nothing on tv worth watching.. anyway Arlo saw an instructional golf dvd. Have I mentioned he is obsessed with golf? He immediately abandoned the children's one in favour of the golf one and was beside himself with excitement.
Since Thursday he has watched it a few times, not all at once.
Skip to yesterday.....
I had just got home and Jimmy was outside with the boys, he came down to my craft room and told me to come and have a look at Arlo. He told me that on the golf dvd the 'instructor' recommends wearing a glove to help with your grip. Arlo had disappeared inside and come back out moments later to continue his 'putting'. Like this.
'Got Glove Mama. golf glove'
Bless his little heart. We found it later tucked into the side pocket of Jimmys golf bag.

10 November 2009

Around here

We've been eating cinnamon buns

lots of them.

WE had a lovely guest to stay, maybe my oldest friend in the world.
We've been playing dress ups. Steiner Cat.

We've hung out with cousins
and obsessed about golf. His Grandad gave him this ball. he slept with it. We did a few sparklers

and we have been getting ready for advent!

I made this sweet boy for our schools advent fair, he will be sold for our craft group. it is quite hard to let them go ;)

in other news Kaya fancies the name Mint if our baby is a boy. Mint Miller. Nice.
On the way home from visiting my Nana today Kaya told me 'the thing Arlo is best at is shooting flames out of him'. Awesome!
I have more crafting to get to, theres so many lovely things to make!